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Measurement recording

First-class measurements from our team of experts!

In order to test components, you need a measuring fixture that ensures that the object is fixed. Often the measurement recording only meets standard requirements. If you don’t want to do things by halves when it comes to taking measurements, you should come to us directly. We are the experts for a measurement recording that, with a wide range of designs, offers everything you need for an accurate test. Our measuring holder provides you with the perfect basis for fixing elements without the risk of slipping, as is often the case with a conventional measuring holder.

What is a measurement recording suitable for and why is the measurement recording important during testing?

To ensure that components or products and elements do not slip during the actual test in the measuring process, you need a construction such as the measuring holder. The measuring holder holds parts firmly in place and fixes them. The fixation using a measurement holder therefore enables a more precise measurement without deviations. A measuring fixture is often manufactured individually because it has to hold different parts. So that the measurement recording can be designed to meet various specifications, it is implemented depending on the order requirements. The reproducibility of a measurement recording is also important. If this takes place, a series measurement can occur, which saves a lot of time and money.

Time saving through a measurement recording: With our measurement recording for analysis

High-Quality Measurement Fixture: Precise, Efficient, and Individual

Budget-friendly and measurement-safe: The advantages of a high-quality measurement fixture

You want to perform your measurements precisely and efficiently without breaking the budget? Then a high-quality measurement fixture is the optimal solution. By securely fixing the components, slipping is prevented and the measurement accuracy is significantly increased.

Reproducible measurements for series applications

With a measurement fixture, you do not have to realign each individual component. The reproducible clamping enables series measurements that save time and money.

Increased efficiency through faster measurements

The use of a measurement fixture reduces measurement times significantly. This allows you to inspect more components in a shorter time and increase your productivity.

Consistent quality in the analysis

A high-quality measurement fixture guarantees consistent test conditions and thus a consistent quality of the measurement results.

Versatile for different requirements

Our measurement fixtures are modular and can be individually adapted to your needs. This allows you to test any number of parts with a single measurement fixture.

Highest precision for optimum measurement accuracy

We construct our measurement fixtures with the highest precision to ensure measurement accuracy. This provides you with reliable results that you can rely on.

Benefit from our expertise

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on choosing the right measurement fixture for your application. Contact us today and let us create an individual offer for you.

Further advantages of a high-quality measurement fixture:

  • Improved ergonomics: The measurement fixture can be designed to allow for an ergonomic working posture.
  • Increased safety: The fixation of the components prevents slipping and thus possible injuries.
  • Protection of the components: The measurement fixture protects the components from damage.

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