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3D-Druck Prototypen

Individual parts such as small series, milled or 3D printed.

What are milled parts?

When it comes to a manufacturing technology that is most in demand internationally, CNC milled parts are the top priority. Manufactured with the highest precision, such milled parts offer solid support in various fields of activity. A solid block of metal or plastic serves as the basis for creating the parts. The latter offers more flexibility, the former stands for high durability. Anyone who wants to have CNC milling trusted a company that has many years of specialist knowledge and experience and can rely on a large circle of regular customers. During the milling process, the corresponding components are removed from the solid blocks in order to produce a milled part at the end. The basis for this are exact CAD models, which can also be used to make subsequent digital changes according to the customer’s wishes.

Milled parts from Bahr GmbH & Co. KG always provide you with the highest possible quality

Trust a service provider who works for you and ensures that you create the best CNC milling parts that optimally fit your needs and ideas. Ultimately, you need results that do not allow for errors so that your projects can continue smoothly. We will implement your project in the shortest possible time and will be happy to take over the further planning processes. If you are not yet sure what exactly you need, we will advise you immediately and further.

What advantages do our milled parts offer for your project?

We focus our attention on the quality of our implementations. Where other companies are not yet equipped for the future, we offer you milled parts from CNC milling machines that allow more complex designs. If you want high accuracy, CNC milled parts are crucial to the success of your vision. If you want to keep the tolerances in production as low as possible, such milled parts also offer you the best solution. When it comes to repeatability, our milled parts are also advantageous compared to conventional milled parts from other suppliers. You can only get physical properties like nowhere else with our CNC milled parts, which can be used for a wide range of technical work areas. This process is the best choice for you, especially if you only need a small number of parts. The CNC milling machine can be used to create parts that serve as prototypes or those that are to be produced in small quantities. This makes it more cost-effective to have CNC milling compared to other processes.

Our full milling centers offer all of this

With the help of our full milling centers, we can realize your ideas in no time. You simply choose whether you are interested in a prototype or have a need for series production. Our friendly employees at Bahr GmbH & Co. KG are not only available to advise you at any time, but also oversee the entire process from the very beginning. Rely on high-precision manufacturing that can easily cope with even complex challenges. We know the high demands of the industry and know which important functions milled parts have to perform. Whether 3-axis milling or the production of milled parts with 3 plus 2-axis milling centers or even with the help of a 5-axis milling machine, we meet your expectations in every respect.

Complex results with maximum stability: high-quality milled parts from Bahr GmbH & Co. KG

The creation of highly complex, geometric shapes and precise procedures are a matter of course for us. Production orders are used, for example, in the aerospace or military sectors. Our perfection is also significantly involved in the implementation of milled parts in the automotive industry as well as in various technical areas, electronics companies or family businesses, in universities and in the medical sector and much more.

Precise results from the professionals

If you need high-quality milled parts, we are your first point of contact. Use our flexible options and modern machines to produce your milled parts. We respond individually to your needs because we adapt our production methods to your wishes and thus produce a result that impresses you in every respect. Take advantage of our offer and find out more about our CNC milling machines today.

Machinery, options and materials

In our machine park we have the ability to process components up to a size of 3000x2000x1000mm. This is possible in either 3 or 5 axes simultaneously.

The most commonly used materials we use are:

– Aluminum

– Plastic block material

– Steel


Milling work

3D printing

We can print parts up to 356x254x356mm in one piece.

Possible materials:

  • PLA
  • ASA
  • nylon
  • CPE
  • TPU
  • PP

Using the additive manufacturing process, we print components according to customer data or from our own design.

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