Mold building

Deep drawing, EPP & EPS and Pur tools

Deep drawing - foam molding - PUR-RIM molding - particle foam molding - vacuum deep drawing molding

Aus 1,2t Aluminium werden 100kg Formenbau

1.2t of aluminum becomes 100kg


Particle foam molds


Vacuum forming molds

Success with precision: mold making at Bahr GmbH & Co. KG

In order for castings to be made at all, mold construction is necessary, which is used for various casting molds. This provides the basis so that required parts can be finalized in the first place and implements them in the desired design in a high-quality manner. Precision plays the biggest role here, because it is essential in order to realize complicated structures, such as those required for many components. The aim is to keep the tolerance range as low as possible, which is always the case in our mold making. We offer a whole range of different shapes, such as foam shapes or vacuum deep-drawing shapes and also PUR-RIM shapes. What is also essential is so-called accuracy when repeating the impressions, which we know how to support with our results.

First-class results for different areas of application

Bahr GmbH & Co. KG provides you with state-of-the-art results and is available to support you at all times with specialist knowledge and experience, even when it comes to producing complex challenges according to individual needs. We know what high demands you have on partial production and offer you the complete program from advice and planning to implementation. In this way, we offer your plastic injection molded parts the perfect solution right from the start.

We make your visions come true

You can rely on a team of reliable employees who have already had impressive successes in a variety of areas. Our work area also covers mold making for parts made of silicone, for example, but also plastic. In addition, we open up the toolmaker mold making for you for further options. Do you have a wish and would like to have it realized using special foam molds or PUR-RIM molds? Then simply talk to us and we will offer you a whole range of options to help you realize your vision in the perfect way. We are always at your side from the start of the project and also respond to changes. Ultimately, you should have a form in your hands that offers you the best support for your project.

This tool maker mold making will convince you

In order for injection molded parts to be convincing at the end, the tool maker must pay a high degree of attention to mold making. Therefore, our competent specialists are dedicated to managing the most modern systems based on CNC technology, which ultimately lead to the best results. We offer you customized and reliable work sequences that lead to the right shapes without interruption.

We are pioneers both in the realization of individual ideas and in holistic solutions when it comes to implementing components made of materials via mold making. The short distances from our production segments come into play here, as they save us time in production and can respond to your changes more flexibly than other companies without having to have long interruptions. Especially if the profitability of your company depends on mold making, this time saving is worth money. Trust Bahr GmbH & Co. KG when it comes to toolmaker mold making for foam molds, vacuum deep-drawing molds, PUR-RIM molds and much more.

A wide range of services relating to mold making: This is what Bahr GmbH & Co. KG offers you

Where you would otherwise have to commission different companies, with us you get everything directly from one source. As experts in mold making, we produce first-class molds made of silicone, ensuring a high level of durability, flexibility and precision, just as you want. Foam molds and vacuum forming molds are also very popular and are manufactured by us. We support the production of molded parts in mold making as well as the development through processes according to the most modern standards. Combined with our experience and the specialist knowledge we have gained over the years, you can trust us in every respect. Competent and always geared towards perfection, we do everything we can every day to ensure that you have the best results in the end.

Your partner for mold making

With the help of special injection molding tools, we create even complex shapes that cannot be implemented in a conventional way. Many companies have only focused on developing a single type of mold. These limited techniques offer you as the client little potential for individual concerns. Don’t leave anything to chance and contact the professional directly who specializes in creating special shapes, such as foam shapes or PUR-RIM shapes and much more. You need a company that is not only familiar with mold making, but also always offers 100 percent performance and at the same time knows that modern techniques lead to the best results. With us you have found this provider because we would like to help you and take on a wide range of planning with you.

Modern technology leads to first-class results: trust only the best

What would our products be without an efficient machine park that serves as the basis for mold making with intensive performance every day. Qualified specialist staff will also work out the right options for you in order to achieve an optimal end product. We are there for you if you need prototype tools, for example. Our modern systems are also suitable for general prototype construction. With the help of milling, changes can also be made in the process itself. CNC-controlled techniques are able to accurately construct shapes that you previously hardly thought possible. CAD and CAM systems also provide an optimal basis for your mold making orders to be successfully implemented. We work with both 2D and, above all, data from the 3D area.

Contact us now for an individual offer in mold making

Do you not only need precise shapes, but also a company as a partner on your side that is there from the very beginning and provides you with extensive support during production and provides you with additional advice? Then we at Bahr GmbH & Co. KG are there for you, because we not only offer you outstanding specialist knowledge, experience and qualifications, but above all modern techniques that know how to implement your order in a unique way. Our employees are at your service and create various shapes for a wide range of applications. Our customers have trusted in our expertise for years and are happy to rely on our assessments. Let’s develop new concepts and make plans together. We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer soon.

Highly complex shapes and well thought-out solutions

Are you looking for a competent partner who can offer you well-thought-out solutions even for highly complex shapes? So you’ve come to the right place.

After our model making department, mold making is one of the oldest areas in the company. Over the years we have developed expertise in the construction of a wide variety of shapes. We can offer you the following mold types, among others:

  • foam molds
  • PUR-RIM shapes
  • EPP/EPS particle foam
  • molds
  • Vacuum forming molds

We would be happy to manufacture these for you from aluminum or plastic block material in our ultra-modern machine park. On our 3- and 5-axis CNC machines we can cover milling areas of up to 3000x2000x1000mm, as well as parts with a total weight of up to 5t. Don’t worry if the shape you need is larger, we will find a solution that will help you achieve a high-quality end product.

If you still need support with the final definition, we can also produce a test sample or prototype for you using a variety of manufacturing processes.

Please feel free to contact us and we will specify and realize the optimal form for your project with the help of our know-how.

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